Engagement Ring Trends for 2017

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Being both something that is very personal and also something you’re going to be wearing every day for the rest of your life, it’s important that you love your engagement ring. Can you imagine if a few years down the line you realised it just wasn’t you? It would be a total disaster! With this in mind, bespoke engagement rings are a great idea when investing in yours. You can make your ring completely unique to you and your partner and ensure you’ll love it for many, many years to come. If you need some inspiration to design your bespoke ring, we’ve put together some of the emerging trends in engagement rings for 2017. Just to help you out a bit.

Bespoke Engagement Ring

Precious Metals

The first few months into the year have seen rose gold and yellow gold settings stealing the spotlight. These tones go well with a multitude of skin colours and are very wearable metals but with that little pop of colour. Yellow gold is quite a traditional colour for engagement rings, so stick with this if you’re looking for something failsafe and timeless. Rose gold is a bit more unique and adds a very feminine touch the ring, so if you want a ring that stands out this could be the choice for you! Both yellow and rose gold are fairly low-maintenance, needing polishing only once every few years.

Setting Styles

When you’re on the hunt for your perfect bespoke engagement rings, setting styles are very important. The most popular setting remains the classic prong, which allows for the diamond to take centre-stage and sit out from the band. Paired with a vintage style band or a more modern ‘twisted’ band and you’ve got yourself a 2017 winner. Detailed bands are also fashionable this year, so a pave setting could also be a good choice. This allows for gems to be set low on the band and very close together so that the band will appear to be covered in tiny stones.

Centre Stone Design

For 2017, coloured centre stones are becoming increasingly popular. To make your ring stand out, pick a a yellow or pink diamond or even gems such as a ruby or sapphire. Be careful if you opt for a coloured stone to pick a band metal that compliments it – the last thing you want is a clash of colours! The shape of your centre stone is also something to consider. This year, pear shaped diamonds are becoming a fast favourite. Not only do these elegantly cut stones add something a little different to a plain band, they also give the appearance of slimmer, slender fingers and who doesn’t want that?

If you’re on the market for engagement rings, you can dip in and out of the trends, pairing say a rose gold ring with a more traditional centre stone, to make something that’s entirely ‘you’. The most important thing when buying your ring is to go to a reputable manufacturer who you can trust. We’ve been providing customised engagements rings for many, many years and have a long list of satisfied customers who will all testify to our claims. If you’re interested in bespoke engagement rings, get chatting with us and see what we can do for you.