4 Reasons To Opt For Unusual Wedding Rings

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If you’re planning on popping that big question to the love of your life – you know the one we’re talking about – then never underestimate the importance of the ring. Sure, the main thing is that you’re asking your partner to marry you, but the ring is going to be an incredibly significant part of your marriage. It’s crucial you get it right.

If you really want to show your love, pick a ring that reflects your partners own individuality and the love you share. Don’t just buy some expensive, run-of-the-mill ring; get something unique.



If you’re still not convinced, take a look at these reasons as to why unusual wedding rings are your best option.

One of a Kind

If it’s a bit awkward seeing someone wearing the same top or shoes as you, imagine someone who’s wearing the same wedding ring? A nightmare situation. Opting for a unique design is a far safer bet in terms of never seeing someone else with the same thing, which definitely takes away from its special meaning to you both. Try working with a designer to make something completely your own and avoid awkward encounters.

You Don’t Want a No!

Popping the question is a daunting task so you’ll probably want to narrow down the chances of hearing a ‘no’. For some, the ring might not be all that important but do you really want to take that chance? Picking out a ring that your other half will love will definitely help calm your nerves and may sway an indecisive ‘proposee’! It may also help to show them that you’ve really taken the time to find something just for them.

Unusual Wedding Rings for the Both of You

By designing your own wedding ring, you can input your own opinions alongside what you know your partner would love, making a ring that combines the both of you. Is there anything more romantic? You can also make it personal to your unique relationship and even design two that work together, making the perfect pair.

Show it Off

Although no one says it, it’s great showing off your engagement and wedding rings. It’s like showing everyone a solid symbol of how much your partner loves you! Giving them a ring that they’ll be proud to have on display will reflect well on you, showing their friends and family that you’ve done very well in your choice. If the rings a little less than impressive or doesn’t go with your partner’s style, people will notice.

So, you see, unusual wedding ring designs are definitely the way to go. With such an important moment, you want everything to be perfect and that includes the ring! Now it’s time to find a reliable ring designer who’ll give you exactly what you (well, your partner) wants.