• Naturist

    Posted by Grace Smith

    Having a rich legacy of over two decades, Jeremy Hoye’s signature collection of naturist jewellery has stood the test of time for its truly unique and stunning designs. Each variety of naturist ornaments, designed by our reputed jewellery designer can help you stand out from the crowd. Be it your need for a unique engagement ring, wedding ring or a stunning necklace, a visit to the House of Hoye can be your ideal way to enhance your style statement.

    At House of Hoye, Jeremy’s new jewellery emporium, we feature his entire previous collections, his much-loved pieces as well as his guest-picked designs. It is Jeremy’s commitment and dedication to craft jewels with utmost precision which has drastically led to the increase in demand of our range of naturist jewellery. Whether you are looking for a naturist silver butterfly necklace, a silver ring or a butterfly bangle, we have ornaments to suit your every need.

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  • Morocco

    Posted by Grace Smith

    With a strong industry presence of more than 20 years, the Morocco rings crafted by Jeremy Hoye, the renowned jewellery designer at the House of Hoye, are both unique and attractive. His signature style has stood the test of time and thus be assured of a complete portfolio of rings to suit every personality and style. Whether it is about a beautiful engagement ring or a Morocco wedding ring, a visit to Jeremy’s jewellery emporium can be your spoilt for choice.

    Be it your liking for his previous collections, his favourite pieces or the specially picked guest designs, we have a splendid array of rings which not only reflect your individual style but fit your budget too. To craft the ideal ring, Jeremy even discusses the preferences and designs which the client expects from his purchase. From Morocco gold rings to a white gold morocco ring with slashed diamonds, be assured of finding the perfect ring.

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  • Mantaray

    Posted by Grace Smith

    With an appealing portfolio, the House of Hoye brings to you a style and grace in rings that is unmatched and exquisite. These rings embody a certain style and wonder that is hardly seen. With over 20 years of work, Jeremy Hoye’s design and signature style has stood the test of time. If you are thinking rings that make the cut and are wonderful for your attire, think the ones offered by the House of Hoye.

    Be it an engagement ring or even a wedding ring, we have what it takes to offer you a wide array of choices. The collection of wedding rings and the ones of offer are very much a part of the jewellery emporium that features new work and favourite pieces. While the House of Hoye showcases the best of the rings on offer, you can also go for the bespoke collection of rings to get the best purchase.

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  • Luna

    Posted by Grace Smith

    Your desire to have a look at the complete ring portfolio ends here. Having more than 20 years of industry presence, each variety of Luna Rings crafted by Jeremy Hoye, our jewellery designer, will help you stand out from the crowd.

    If you are willing to flaunt a Luna ring having a unique design for your wedding rings or engagement rings, browse through our site and you will definitely find one that suits your individual style.

    Since Jemery loves discussing ring designs and stone options, feel free to book an appointment and he will see you for a consultation. It is not only about the 5mm or 6mm Luna Silver Rings, but the demand for Luna Silver Ear Studs and other earrings offered by us has enhanced drastically in the last few years. House of Hoye is now treated to be the jewellery emporium of Jeremy’s old, new, and favourite collections.

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  • Libertine

    Posted by Grace Smith

    If your accessorial style is about style and panache, trust us at House of Hoye to help fill in that space. We create designs in libertine jewellery unlike no one in the jewellery design business. If you are seeking pleasures and want to create an impact that is not bound by convention, trust us at Jeremy Hoye’s design studio. For jewellery that stands out and is bohemian, we are the best shop.

    From the classic heavy Serpent Link necklace to the Libertine Hematite Rosary Cross Necklace, we have it all for you. With jewellery designs that cater to men and women, the libertine jewellery we design are priceless collections for your everyday wardrobe. Smart and edgy, sometimes classic and fun, these jewellery pieces are bound to make you stand out of the crowd. They create the best impact and are affordably priced too. Browse through our libertine jewellery gallery and get the piece that suits you the best.

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