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If you are fond of Kings and Queens themed jewellery, the ones designed by Jeremy Hoye, the leading British contemporary jewellery designed can be your ideal way to get spoilt for choice. Having an industry presence of more than two decades, Jeremy excels in crafting ornaments which boast of a truly unique design. Whether you need a pearl necklace, tiara bracelet, silver engagement ring or a gold plated wedding ring, the House of Hoye has something to suit every individual’s style.

Jeremy enjoys discussing the designs of various Kings and Queens inspired jewellery and the various stone options which come with it. Be it the silver crown bracelet, silver cultured bracelet or a Kings and Queen Sabre ring, each of our jewellery at the House of Hoye is designed with utmost precision. Thus, a visit to our jewellery emporium can be your ideal way to find a one-of-a-kind item.

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Kings & Queens