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Having a rich legacy of over two decades, Jeremy Hoye’s signature collection of naturist jewellery has stood the test of time for its truly unique and stunning designs. Each variety of naturist ornaments, designed by our reputed jewellery designer can help you stand out from the crowd. Be it your need for a unique engagement ring, wedding ring or a stunning necklace, a visit to the House of Hoye can be your ideal way to enhance your style statement.

At House of Hoye, Jeremy’s new jewellery emporium, we feature his entire previous collections, his much-loved pieces as well as his guest-picked designs. It is Jeremy’s commitment and dedication to craft jewels with utmost precision which has drastically led to the increase in demand of our range of naturist jewellery. Whether you are looking for a naturist silver butterfly necklace, a silver ring or a butterfly bangle, we have ornaments to suit your every need.

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