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Brighton Pavilion charm

Holidays, day trips, loving times, loved ones – charms reawaken fond memories of poignant times and places in life.

‘….it is the attention to detail that makes the design and finishing of charms such a challenge…’
Jeremy Hoye charms are made in either gold or silver, and encompass everything from the Brighton Pier charm and Brighton Pavilion charm, to your favourite pooch. The Birdcage, Silver Genie in a bottle, Silver skull charm, or the sweetheart padlock charm, are all part of the collection.

The charms can be made in Silver or Gold as you wish, or a bespoke charm - a one off piece to sum up that person, occasion or place in your world – is only a consultation with Jeremy Hoye away! For a free consultation for our bespoke service, please email us or call us on 01273776097