Timeless Design: The Entwine Collection

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Over a decade after first launching Entwine, Jeremy Hoye looks back at what first inspired him to make the collection and explains why it will always be popular.

'I wanted Entwine to look like it could be from the past, present or future - like it has just come out of a fairy-tale. I made the entire collection in 18ct yellow gold first, using techniques I learned when training as a goldsmith. Yellow gold is my favourite metal to work with because it just flows and works so well.'

Born out of necessity for alternative engagement rings, Jeremy's designs have a fluid, and organic feel - as if they were formed at the wave of a magic wand.

'Entwine is probably my most successful collection - people will always love it because it's stylish, timeless and totally wearable.'

This collection is perfect for those who like the idea of having a diamond solitaire, but also want an unusual engagement ring.