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If you want to add the ‘feather’ touch to exquisite handcrafted jewellery, trust Jeremy Hoye to  create the maximum impression. The jewellery he creates is finely crafted and appeals to women of all ages.

With a rich legacy in crafting professional designs, the House of Hoye is a brand name to trust. If you want a pair of feather silver large ear studs, opt for the best designs we have in our gallery.

Jeremy Hoye has his eyes set on creating classy fare with a contemporary touch. The signature approach to jewellery making is almost stunning and elegant. The House of Hoye creates designs in feather and does re-energise the fashion sense in most women. From a large collection of feather ear studs, peacock pearl necklaces, crossover rings and salmon pearl necklaces with fine feather shaped pendants, Jeremy Hoye does what he does best - create stunning styles that are hard to emulate in the jewellery business!

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