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Entwine Solitaire

The beauty of our Entwine jewellery has enhanced drastically in the hands of Jeremy Hoye, our jewellery designer. Having more than 20 years of experience, each Entwine Silver Ring, Entwine Narrow Band and Silver Garnet Ear Studs crafted by him is a true reflection of his signature style. Since he doesn’t love crafting jewellery in bulk quantity, you can stay assured that ring you opt for will be one of a kind.

Since House of Hoye is now treated to the new jewellery emporium of Jeremy previous, favourite, new, and specially picked guest designs, choosing just a few rings from our wide range of Entwine Jewellery for both engagement ring & wedding ring can actually become a bit daunting. Opt for as many as you want as all our items have been offered at a minimal price to suit customers having various budgets. We also offer bespoke services to make your purchase even special.

“Fix An Appointment With Jeremy Now And He Will Discuss Various Stone Options With You”