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For couples who are on the lookout for a leading jeweller who can offer new and unique styles, House of Hoye is simply the name to rely upon. Jeremy Hoye, the renowned British contemporary jewellery designer was inspired by his fond memories of the new romantic culture and style and thus, named this collection after the popular 1980s nightclub in London. With a proven track record of over 20 years in creating avant-garde jewellery, Jeremy has the proficiency in designing distinctive rings, especially for you.



Crafted by Jeremy and his skilled team of designers, our huge varieties of ring showcase unrivalled beauty. Since most of our rings are created exclusively for our valuable customers, these designs cannot be found anywhere else on the high street. Other than portraying the personality and style of the user, these rings are stunning accessories and beautiful works of art created by our experienced designer. Browse our collection of rings to choose the perfect ring which suits your personality.



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